About us

Let Live is an educational campaign raising awareness about the disturbing trend of do-it-yourself animal slaughter.
This website provides details about the cruel realities of and compassionate alternatives to "ethical" slaughter.

Why Not Focus on Factory Farms?

Our initial coalition held a peaceful vigil and online campaign in Fall 2016 in an attempt to spare the animals being "honored" at the Wild Abundance class on how to slit the throats and dismember the bodies of sheep.

During that time, we were asked why we focus on small-scale slaughter instead of factory farms.

We want the caring public to understand that most advocacy for farmed animals focuses on factory farming. While factory farms are the most horrific, it's not enough to simply be better than the worst case scenario, and the mindset that celebrates the killing of one animal, empowers the mass killing of billions of animals. 

The movement towards do-it-yourself, backyard, "humane/ethical" slaughter not only reinforces the narrative that it's legitimate to use/abuse our power as humans to take an innocent animal life, the trend towards DIY slaughter/butcher goes further to make it seem like meat produced in this way is actually better for animals than not killing them at all. So, they are encouraging killing.

Many self-proclaimed "ethical" slaughters/butchers are also self-congratulatory and claim that their methods of killing are a "sacred" way to "honor" animals. They are selling good feelings to assuage the discomfort that rightly accompanies the needlessly killing some of the world's most gentle and defenseless creatures.

We want to be clear that the BEST WAY to protect and honor animals is to NOT kill them.

Slaughter proponents claim that familiarity and participation in slaughter instills sensitivity to the animals who are killed for food. But to the contrary, the normalizing of "hands-on" killing as natural and cause for celebration hardens kindness into callousness.

Regardless of how an animal is raised -- or the language and rituals accompanying the killing process -- the needless taking of an innocent life is cruel and inhumane.

We hope that visitors to our website will take time to reflect on the actual horror of this animal abuse instead of following the slick "happy meat" PR campaigns that lead otherwise caring people to support and defend animal abuse.



As of 2017, We are an online educational resource.
We are NOT affiliated with any current protest activities.