About us

The Let Live Coalition is a group of animal protection organizations and individuals who are deeply disturbed by the growing trend of do-it-yourself animal slaughter. This website provides details about the realities and alternatives.

(See our campaign page for information about our initial effort to spare sheep from Wild Abundance)

The Let Live Coalition formed as a response to and a critique do-it-yourself, backyard, "ethical" slaughter.

While factory farms are the most horrific, it's not enough to simply be better than the worst case scenario. The movement towards do-it-yourself, backyard, "humane/ethical" slaughter not only reinforces the narrative that it's okay to use our power to take innocent life, it goes further to make it seem like their meat is better for animals than no meat - and that their methods make killing a "sacred" way to "honor" animals.

Regardless of how the animals are raised -- or the language and rituals accompanying the killing process -- the needless taking of innocent lives is cruel and inhumane.

Proponents claim that familiarity and participation in slaughter instills sensitivity to the animals who are killed for food. But to the contrary, the normalizing of "hands-on" killing as natural and cause for celebration hardens kindness into callousness.

This is a newly formed coalition and website.
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