The Let Live Coalition is dedicated to opposing the misinformation and myths of "humane meat," generally, and the disturbing trend of "Do-It-Yourself"/backyard slaughter workshops, specifically. For our first campaign, we are working with local activists in Asheville, North Carolina to protest a Nov. 19th "sacred & humane" (their words) slaughter workshop, during which a live sheep will be "honored" by having his or her throat slit to demonstrate how "personal violence" toward animals can be ethical if we want them to be "meat."

Our campaign thus far has consisted of educational outreach to dispel the myths of "humane" slaughter, a petition asking for the cancellation of this slaughter class and the release of the sheep, and a call to action on social media urging people to contact Wild Abundance and the lead slaughter instructor to politely and respectfully express their opposition and to ask them to cancel the class. 

In response to these efforts, Wild Abundance launched a counter campaign and petition capitalizing on the owner's status as a new mother, posting photos of her baby and telling the media that we are encouraging people to threaten herself and her family. We have done no such thing. Anyone who peruses our social media posts and website will see that we have only ever encouraged polite and respectful communication, and condemned in the strongest terms the use of threatening messaging. As a matter of course, we too have received numerous threatening messages from Wild Abundance supporters, including threats of physical harm. While distressing, we do not choose to use these threats to portray ourselves as the victims in this situation
. The real victims are the animals, and the real bullies are the ones who will wield the knives on Saturday, and those who will stand :

We however do not attempt to use this fact to disingenuously frame ourselves as victims. The real victims are the animals and the real bullies are the ones who will wield the knives and those who will stand around and watch as these trusting animals needlessly bleed to death from their "loving" and "sacred" wounds: